Thanks for dropping by. I’m not here right now, so I thought I’d leave you a note.

So, hey there :)
My name is Thijs Remie and ^ up there ^ is what I look like. Well, my wife’s inter­pretation of it anyway. If you remember me having hair, we might be old acquaintances. Don’t hesitate to get in touch again. I’m on Twitter and Instagram.

Expected to see a different face? Then you might be looking for this Thijs Remie or that Thijs Remie. Although they try, they can’t be me.

Husband of one, father of two, I live and work around Amsterdam, spending my day drinking large amounts of lukewarm and milk-laden Betjeman Earl Grey from a 16oz Starbucks mug.

I’m VP Product Design at WeTransfer. I love building great teams, helping people excel, and creating much-loved products. Come join us. Heres a list of currently open opportunities in Europe and the US.