Hi there! My name is Thijs Remie and this is what I look like. Well, my wife’s inter­pretation of it anyway.

If you remember me having hair, we might be old acquaintances. Don’t hesitate to get back in touch again. I’m on Twitter, Instagram – hell, even Facebook.

Expected to see a different face? Then you might be looking for Thijs Remie, or perhaps Thijs Remie. Although they try, they can’t be me.

I’m husband of one, father of two, living and working in Amsterdam. I consume large amounts of Betjeman Earl Grey with milk. Preferably from a big ol’ mug, borrowed from the Hampstead Starbucks.

Earlier this year I joined WeTransfer as VP of Design, following the acquisition of Present Plus, where I previously led the design team. We just rolled out a a redesign of our identity, logo and website. I can also recommend checking out the new app for macOS.

This is for us the time to push forward. It’s a great place to be right now. Interested in joining us? get in touch.